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L2 Crypt is the all in one website for l2 mods, lineage 2 client modification and encryption/decryption. We provide all kind of services and tools, in order to make your client better and more secure. Moreover we offer decryption services for any kind of client files, such as Interface files, texture or animations files, .dat files and more!
Our team has a 14 year experience in Lineage 2, from client modifications to java development, and now we feel mature enough, in order to provide our unique services to the world!

We are the only ones who provide decryption services for any kind of client files and for all chronicles. If your .utx, .ukx, .usx, .u, .xdat, .dat, or any other client file can’t be opened because it’s encrypted, we are here to decrypt it for you.

Since we are able to decrypt any kind of client file we are also able to encrypt it by using our private techniques, which involve manipulation of classes, headers and addition of extra encryption levels. There is no 100% guaranteed encryption, but our method will definitely stop the majority of scammers.

We know how hard and time consuming is when you are trying to find some client tools to work with, since most of them are infected with malware or their download links are dead. No worries, we gathered them all in one place for you, and besides that we also provide custom l2 editors which can help you build your client even faster.

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