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L2 PawnViewer – Lineage 2 Client viewer/l2 devs tool

L2 PawnViewer is the ultimate tool for lineage 2 client developers, since it allows the client to be run without a server requirement. In other words, you can view items, npcs, mobs, skills and more fast and easy! Moreover, new clients/chronicles required files are included in this product!

– Runs lineage 2 client without a server requirement.
– Supports new Lineage 2 clients/chronicles.

How to use:
1. Make a back up of your Lineage 2 system folder.
2. Extract L2-PawnViewer.zip in your L2 system folder.
3. Edit “Tester!” (right click > Properties):
Change Target:
D:\Games\Lineage II Gracia\System\l2.exe” -INI=testl2.ini
with your l2.exe location, but DO NOT delete -INI=testl2.ini.
4. Run the “Tester!” shortcut in the system folder.
5. Enjoy!
Note: If you have graphic glitches or other issues use DevMod.bat instead of Tester.

How to use on new clients/chronicles:
1. Follow the steps above.
2. Open L2-Pawn-Viewer-New-Clients.zip and extract your desired NWindow file (depending on your client/chronicle) in your Lineage 2 system folder.
3. Enjoy!

You can type the following commands after pressing “Tab”:

PV – Pawn Viewer – Try all armors, weps, etc).
NV – NPC Viewer – You can make your character to every NPC in the game)
SV – Skill Viewer – Test all skills existing in the game
/// l2debugwindow –
/// l2debug – displays messages in the open console
/// geodata – you must copy the GEODATA folder to a folder GEODATA in the client
/// buildzone map = [map_name] is the same crap but in one area
/// showborderline – shows the boundary
/// showsectors – divides the world on sectors
/// camerawalking mode = on | off – enables the camera to move a limited distance without moving Player.
/// c_rmode [1-7] – changes the map of the world … very badly) to demonstrate how until I found)
/// bighead size = [1-n] – increases the size of the head. (only you can see it)
/// open [map name] – ///open 24_24
/// get [class_name] [attrib_name]
/// set [class_name] [attrib_name]
/// editdefault class = [class_name]
/// stat l2 – info of everything … constantly changing. useful.
/// stat fps – number of frames per second


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